Request for Proposals
                                                                        The National Association of Social Workers –Wyoming Chapter (NASW-WY) is accepting proposals for           

                                                                         presentation at our statewide continuing education conference to be held September 28th and 29th in Sheridan,

                                                                        Wyoming. Presenting at the Annual Conference is a great opportunity to educate your peers on your area of

                                                                         expertise and build your resume!


The audience for the conference includes counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists, addictions therapists, career development facilitators, other mental health professionals, and graduate students. They work in health care, mental health, colleges, private practice, schools, correction centers, agencies, military and government.

CONFERENCE TOPIC AREAS: We encourage submissions that reflect...

  • Innovative counseling programs, research projects, and activities that address and/or have been successfully implemented in a variety of settings.
  • Collaborative, creative, and effective strategies/best practices for meeting the needs of clients in a variety of settings.
  • Effective techniques used to address societal concerns and current issues, including returning military, economically disadvantaged populations, and specific populations.
  • Programs with a special tie to our state or region.
  • Specific skills, techniques and activities which can be applied immediately after the conference.

PRESENTATION AGREEMENT: By submitting a proposal, the Lead Presenter agrees to these conditions:

  • I understand that I, and all other co-presenters, must register for the Conference and pay the appropriate conference fee(s) by September 15, if we plan to attend any portion of the conference beyond our presentation time.
  • I understand that if my presentation is accepted, I (or my co-presenter) must have a master’s or doctorate degree and the content must be clinical in content in order for my presentation to be eligible for Continuing Education hours in the conference program.
  • I understand should my presentation content include resources which are available for sale, I understand I cannot sell items during a presentation.

Thanks for your contribution. We look forward to receiving your proposal!
To submit a proposal, please provide the following information via email to :

  • CONTACT INFORMATION: Provide the following information for the LEAD PRESENTER. Communication regarding the proposal and/or any questions will be with this individual.  Name and Employer,  Preferred phone and email contact information, Education Level and Credentials,  A brief biography to be used for introductions and in printed materials.
  • Presentation Title and a brief Abstract/Description to be used in printed materials.
  • Learning Objectives (one to three would be appropriate for most presentations)
    • Workshop: focused presentation conveying new knowledge, skills and/or information around a specific topic area
    • Panel Discussion: exchange of ideas, giving experts and audience members the chance to discuss a particular topic
    • Skill Development/Wellness: interactive presentation focused on incorporating an intervention, skill or activity into practice (i.e., yoga, stress-management, art therapy, mindfulness, etc.
  • PRESENTATION LENGTH (can indicate more than one if appropriate):
    • 60 minutes (limited availability)
    • 90 minutes
    • 180 minutes (2 consecutive 90 minute sessions)

A/V EQUIPMENT / INTERNET CONNECTIONS: Presentation meeting rooms will be equipped with screen, head table, LCD/Data projector and electric for equipment.  Conference management will not provide computers, laptops, or any other type of computer equipment.  Presenters must bring their own laptops or incur the cost individually.  Please bring your own flipcharts and other special AV.  Internet connections will be available to presenters.
ROOM SETUP: Rooms will be setup in classroom style (chairs with small tables all facing the front of the room) unless otherwise requested. Contact NASW-WY with your request. Every effort will be made to accommodate room setup requests other than Classroom but are not guaranteed. Please be prepared to present with a Classroom setup.
HANDOUTS: If you want to provide handouts, please bring a minimum of 40 handouts.  Handouts may be posted on the NASW-WY website after the conference with the presenter's permission.


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